La Palma Airport (SPC)
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(La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain)

La Palma Airport (SPC) can be reached from Santa Cruz de La Palma via the LP-138 road, which passes though a tunnel under the runway and rejoins the LP-132 road, linking with Fuencaliente near Hoyo de Mazo.

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The airport is a mere 8 km / 5 miles from central Santa Cruz de La Palma, being located to the south, along the coastline. Known locally as the 'Aeropuerto de La Palma', the airport is easy to reach and lies to the east of Brena Baja, La Rosa, Monte de Brena and La Polvasera. Also nearby, both San José and San Antonio are sited to the north-west, while El Socoro can be found directly to the north, and San Simón to the south.

Speed limits in La Palma, Spain
Urban areas: 50 kph / 30 mph
Open roads: 100 kph / 63 mph
Motorways / highways: 130 kph / 80 mph

La Palma Airport (SPC) Airport Car Rental / Car Hire

There are five car hire agencies at La Palma Airport. The car hire counters are located near Arrivals on P0. Booking in advance is the best way to ensure savings, confirming reservations online or by telephone. A popular alternative to the major car rental chains at La Palma Airport, local car hire operators are located in the main resorts and often offer better value, such as La Palma along the Avenida Maritima, or La Bontina on the Calle Álvarex de Abreu, both of which can be found in Santa Cruz.

The following car rental firms and car hire companies are available at La Palma Airport:

  • Autos Ancar
  • Avis
  • Betacar
  • Cicar
  • Hertz

La Palma Airport (SPC) Car Rental

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La Palma Airport (SPC): Virtual Google Maps

La Palma Airport (SPC): Virtual Google Maps

La Palma Airport SPC

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